HydroFood- Fruit Vegetable5

HydroFood- Fruit Vegetable5
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5ltr (A) & 5ltr (B) Hydroponics nutrient concentrate
Ideal for growing Fruit vegetables
( chili, tomato, cucumber, melons etc)

dilution rate : 5ml to 1 ltr water (200 times)

available in 500ml, 5 ltr  & 20ltr sets

Guildlines: our hydroponic nutrients recommended dilution at 5ml(A) & 5ml(B) to every 1 ltr of water gives TDS - 700ppm or EC 1.4ms/cm or 14CF

if you like to increase the amount to 10ml(A) & 10ml(B) to every 1 ltr of water gives TDS - 1400ppm or EC 2.8ms/cm or 28CF

* please do not apply part (A) & part (B) concentrates together without first diluting them.

* We do accept Cash on delivery for purchases above $60.00( includes free delivery within Singapore only)
please send us a email with your orders, Thank you

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