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Product unique feature
The low power MERCURY LED grow light has been designed with the objectives to achieve sustainable
indoor farming not compromising the PAR/PPFD value required for photosynthesis process.
“Photosynthesis – uses the green chemical chlorophyll to absorb energy from specific spectrum
produced by the LED lights to convert carbon dioxide and water into molecules needed for growth.”

Research for excellent
MERCURY MB8RW has undergone multiple lives testing by established and renowned indoor
farming cooperation. Our grow lights have undergone multiple tweaking bases on valuable feedbacks
from the experienced growers with in house research capabilities. We are proud to announce to you that
we have developed an optimal recipe to meet most growing needs with profitable commercial outcome.

Unique Design and Benefits
•Saving on power consumption with low power design – generating high PAR value (μmoles/m²/sec)
•Low operating temperature – minimum cooling cost and minimum efficiencies losses
•Patented lens design – homogeneous light ray distributions, boost up performance efficiencies
•Unique & robust body using extruded aluminum - Robust CLIP-ON mounting bracket design
•Easy installations – plug and run water resistant electrical cable connector
•Humidity and heat resistance – prolonging product life

Recommended Applications
•Leafy vegetable Indoor multi-tier racking farm
•Green House and supplementary lighting for indoor plants, shrubs & trees
•Seeding with different set up [lesser light required]
•Full growth cycle of leafy vegetables
•Micro Green, Marine Algae growing
•Cloning of young shoot and tissue cultivation

Technical Specifications

Operating Power, Frequency                     110V~ 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power rating                                               20 Watts
Output PAR measured at 300mm              65μmoles
Operating Power factor                              0.95 – 0.97
Wave length range                                     450nm – 700nm
Beam Angle, Fire retardant V2 Grade material lens design         Patented
Optimal Operating Temperature (Ta)         25°C to 50°C
Dimension (mm)                                        1200L x 48W x 30H
Weight                                                       1.65kg
IP protection                                               IP51
Certifications                                              ₠, RoHs compliance
Product efficacy @85%                             30,000 hrs

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