T8 LED Red & Blue Grow Tube-4ft

T8 LED Red & Blue Grow Tube-4ft
T8 LED Red & Blue Grow Tube-4ft T8 LED Red & Blue Grow Tube-4ft T8 LED Red & Blue Grow Tube-4ft
Product Code: T8 LED Red & Blue Grow Tube-4ft
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LED Grow Tube information & Specifications.

wattage     : 20w
No. LEDS     : 20pcs
LED chip  power     : 20 pcs 1 w High Power LEDS
working current     : 480mA
input voltage     : 86-265V
Frequency     : 50/60 Hz
Socket : D-shape connector
Environment temperature     : -20 to 40 degress celsius
Distance from plant    : 20cm - 50cm
IP rate     : IP44
Life span of tube     : 50,000 hours
Light colour  : Red & Blue (3 : 1)

Coverage(area) : 120cm(length) x 10cm(width)
PPFD     : 40μmol/s-m2

Wave length 400-840nm

Net Weight : 450g

Dimension: 1212mm x 34mm x 36mm

•Color : PINK

This product is applicable to any indoor multilayer grow system or as a supplemental artificial lighting for hydroponics, aqauponics & soil growing, gardening, home balcony sowing, seedling, breeding, farm, flower show, garden,potted plants, etc.

•This product is suitable for the bananas, orchids, tobacco, seaweed, green pepper, eggplant, bitter melon, tomatoes, lettuce, grapes, romaine lettuce, herbs, vegetables, flowers etc.

•The distance between the LED light to tip of the plant is 20cm - 30cm


* a single connector with wire is included but the power cable is not included

*there is an additional charge of $3 for each double connector  with wire.

Customers can request us to make power cable from us at $10 for cable length up to 1.5m or DIY.



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