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Introudcing the specially manufactured agroculture sublime substrate that is now available in singapore only from watercircle, we done our trials on it for the past year & its a proven as a ideal replacement for rockwool.

BVB Sublime is made of Polygrow, a polyurethane foam with a high pore volume.

BVB Sublime has been specially formulated for use in horticulture, so it is extremely airy, hydrophilic and retains its shape well.
The material is inert, which means that it does not react with other substances.
It is also a very pure and consistent substrate because it is produced industrially.


Dimensions : 35mm x 35mm x 50mm plugs.

How can BVB Sublime benefit the grower?
• Maximum yield from your crop
• Optimum controllability
• Moisture levels easy to control
• Can be resaturated at any time
• Plants recover easily after a dryperiod
• Greater generative effect
• Easy to use
• Pure, manufactured industrially
• Inert product: does not react with other substances
• Does not break: flexible material
• Available worldwide through a reliable dealer network
• Comes with expert advice andgood growing support
• 100% thermally recyclable
• Competitively priced

ideal for hydroponics, aquaponics, vertical gardens, aquatic plants & as starters for soil growing too!
Imported from Netherlands

* minimum order = 100pcs


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