Grow Systems

Grow Systems

Watercircle Hydroponics & Aquaponics Systems

Whether its is to be sited on the ground or rooftop, indoor or outdoors, we have every system suited for your needs, at home, at school or the office.From the design, build & final installation stage, its all done by us and we will provide hands on lessons, like germinating your favourite vegetables to the care and maintenace of your hydroponics systems. Our reliable and experienced expertise in this specialised field you can definitely count on!

We have systems for growing vegetable, herbs, flowers and even vine crops like tomatoes. The systems come in two versions either a normal AC run system or a solar powered system.
We also custom build any kind of growing system using hydroponics, aquaponics,aeroponics, NFT , flood & flow etc.

We are the pioneer in commercial aquaponics in Singapore having collaborated with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore. We have supplied and built many aquaponics system in singapore & in the South East Asian countries.

Please send us a email with information on your land, rooftop or expected yield etc, if you are interested to seek our consultation & services! happy farming!

* We do accept Cash on delivery for purchases above $60.00( includes free delivery within Singapore only)
please send us a email with your orders, Thank you.

Greenhouses and Shadeshouses

Besides stand-alone-systems, we also built walk-in greenhouses or shadehouses. These are used to house the hydroponics and aquaponics systems. Some schools have a hydroponics and an aquaponics system in the same shadehouse so as to make comparison of vegetable or crops grown using hydroponics nutrient and recycled fish wastes.



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