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Watercircle Solar Powered Flood & FLow Hydroponics system

1)60cm x 120cm Fibre glass grow tray
2) supporting legs & frame made of steel
3)1 set aluminium arch frame
4)1 set PVC feedline to provide water & fertilser to irrigate the plants
5)1 set drainage fittings to ensure the water are recirculated
6)72 holes floating polyfoam for hydroponics plants
7)3 slabs of 98pcs grow sponges
8) 1 x 5ltr nutrient set
9)72 pcs netpots
10)1 pc DC submersible pump
11) nutrient reservoir (plastic)
12)12v 30w solar panel & DC electrical system
13)plastic sheet cover
14)insect net for sides
15)12v 17ah Battery
16) ph meter & tds meter

*Price include delivery.
This item is prefabricated at our factory 1 week before delivery/confirmation of order.
It is delivered as 1 preinstalled unit.

Optional items
a) fibre glass nutrient tank additional $300.00

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